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There was a red-legged partridge on Farlington Marshes on 13th. 



There was still a Russian white-fronted goose at Farlington on 12th & 13th..


A barnacle goose was with a flock of Canada geese on the Titchfield canal path on 11th.


A nightjar was churring in Creech Woods Denmead at 21:14 on 13th. 





Four avocets were seen feeding on the upper floods area from the Titchfield canal path on 11th.  There were at least 5 on Farlington Marshes that day.


Three curlew sandpipers weeding with dunlin on rising tide off Farlington point on 15th. Just after 11, flew up and gained height and lost to view heading NW.



A wood sandpiper was still on the stream at Farlington Marshes on 10th.


On 13th there were 6 turnstones and 7 sanderlings by the Hill Head harbour. 


a woodcock flew over an enclosure in Creech Woods at Denmead on 13th.


Six kittiwakes  were off the shore at Beachlands HI on 10th.




There were 2 little terns at the oyster beds on 10th.


Three hobbies were seen from the canal path at Titchfield hawking over the reserve amongst a multitude of Swift's on 11th.




Two red-rumped swallows over Farlington Marshes on 10th.


Three lesser whitethroats were in the bushes area of Farlington Marshes on 11th.


There were 2 spotted flycatchers South east of the car-park at Farlington Marshes on 15th.






Butterflies on Oxenbourne Down NNR on 1th included Duke of Burgundy's  Orange-tip  Dingy Skipper  Small Copper Silver'y' moth  Small Heath  Grizzled Skipper Brimstone Speckled Wood Painted Lady Peacock  Small White.


A Painted Lady was seen on Horsea Island in Portsmouth Harbour on 11th.








Winter cress was seen on a Woodmancote foot path on 11th.

Field pennycress had flowers in Compartment 9 on Portsdown on 15th.













Other Wildlife


A Water vole was seen on the Titchfield canal path on 11th.


A fallow deer ran across the lane just north of Woodmancote Farm on11th.


A pike was seen in the River Ems where it is bridged by the A259 in Emsworth on 13th.


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