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 Note, closure of footpath round seawall at Farlington Marshes on weekdays due to 'Weekday Survey Work' by EA. Sign says till 30.09!



A black swan visited Canoe Lake Southsea on 22nd.


There was a group of around 40 Brent geese in the LH main channel near the water ski rafts on 21st.



A garganey flew from the hayfield direction to land on the stream in front of the hut on 19th.


There were about 500 stock doves on recently sown crops at Seven Wells OWH. on 24th.


There were 2 curlew sandpipers at Farlington on 24th and 3 at Titchfield Haven.  at Farlington there were also common and green Sandpipers


A little stint was on the South Scrape at Titchfield on 22nd. 



A spotted redshank flew over Farlington Marshes calling as it went on 19th.


Two Sandwich terns were at the mouth of the Hermitage Stream in LH on 24th.


There were 4 cattle egrets at Upper Titchfield Haven on 22nd  2 at Farlington on 22nd and 24th.



A kingfisher flew past Southsea castle on 24th.




There were 2 short-eared owls at Farlington on 19th and 20th.



an immature merlin was showing well around the hay field on Farlington Marshes on 20th and one was over the mudflats east of the deeps early and later on the fence south of the lake.


a dozen bearded tits were in reeds by the lake at Farlington on 24th. 




A pied flycatcher, 2 redstart, 4 spotted flycatchers were seen on Portsdown on 20th.







Butterflies & Moths



Ten pristine clouded yellows which were seen on the Eastney beach last week were thought to be newly hatched.  Two were seen on Portsdown on 20th and 1 on the Southmoors beach on 24th.
















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