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 Note, closure of footpath round seawall at Farlington Marshes on weekdays due to 'Weekday Survey Work' by EA. Sign says till 30.09!


A male grey partridge was seen in paddocks at Northney HI on 15th.


There was a ruff  at Farlington again on 15th.


Green and common sandpipers were seen on 15th at Farlington and Titchfield Haven


Two black terns were on the south scrape at Titchfield Haven on 15th.


Four immature spoonbills dropped onto the scrapes at Titchfield Haven for a brief visit p.m. on 15th.


A cattle egret with 2 young were in the Langstone Pond trees early on 15th and later one flew west over Northney.  At Langstone there were also over 30 little egrets. 





A hobby  was seen at Farlington on 15th.


A tree pipit flew north east over a Southsea garden on 15th.


There was a whinchat at Farlington on 15th.





Butterflies & Moths


 There were at least 9 Silver-spotted Skipper on Butser Hill on 15th. There was also an immaculate male Adonis Blue over 70 Brown Argus, a second brood Dingy Skipper - seemingly fresh and much lighter than the first brood.


Old Winchester Hill.  On Old Winchester Hill the same day 15 male and one female Adonis Blues in immaculate condition and at least 34 Silver-spotted Skippers.


















Other Wildlife













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