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There was a light-bellied Brent goose among the geese in the harbour off Southmoors SU708047 at low water on 26th; next day it was closer to the oyster beds. .



A long-tailed duck arrived at Hill Head from the Hamble at midday on 24th but had gone by the time observer finished a phone call! 

There were 2 common scoters close to the shore at Eastoke HI and 7 more in the distance on 26th.

There was a goldeneye in Langstone Harbour north of the oyster beds on 24th.


Great northern divers were seen at Eastoke HI, Eastney and Hill Head on 26th.  The latter bird was still there next day and 1 was at sandy point HI on 28th.


Eight black-necked grebes were in a tight flock just south of oyster beds on 27th.


Three water rails were calling from the area of Swan Lake SU675008 on Milton Common Portsmouth on 27th.  One was at Budds farm next day.



A golden plover was in "the top ploughed field" at Windmill Hill Clanfield SU716157 on 24th. 

A sanderling and 12 purple sandpipers were at Southsea Castle on 24th and 27th.

There were over 100 sanderlings at Hill Head on 28th.


A Mediterranean gull was at the Hayling oyster beds on 24th.


The Fort Cumberland little owl  was seen again on 24th.

A barn owl was filmed in Fort Widley Nov 20th.

A tawny owl was on the Crookhorm golf course on 23rd calling for about half an hour.








 A Kingfisher flew from the woodland to the lake in Staunton CP on 24th and 1 was at Titchfield Haven on 26th.


a firecrest was seen at Sandy Point Hayling Island on28th.




A black redstart was in a garden on the sea wall path West of the Nab car park at Eastoke HI. on 23rd.  The Southsea Castle bird was in grass at base/moat of castle on 27th.



A grey wagtail made a nice splash of colour on the roof of a Havant house p.m. 25th.






Butterflies & Moths


A female holly blue spent most of the afternoon in a havant garden on 22nd; it spent most of the time trying to extract the maximum warmth from the hazy sunshine. [Posted by Alan Wingrove]






Reptiles & Amphibians



Other Wildlife


Two seals were seen on the mud from Farlington Marshes  on 24th.

White squirrel spotted whilst out cycling last Sunday 22nd November 2020 at 15:52 at Purbrook Heath on the stretch of Purbrook Heath Road just before Mill Lane.  John Walls.








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