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Around 1500 Brent geese were off the southern shores of Thorney island on 7th.

Two summer plumage great northern divers were off the Sandy point HI lifeboat station on 8th.  One was close to the shore opposite the 'Olive Leaf' on the sea front on 10th.

Two gannets were seen from the Hayling shore on 10th.


There were 33 red-legged partridges on the northern slopes of west Portsdown (SU610093) on 5th and SU620078 on 6th.

Three little grebes were seen on Swan Lake Milton Common on 5th.

There was a great white and 3 little egrets on Thorney Island deeps on 7th.

Six red kites were seen over Old Winchester Hill on 10th.

An immature marsh harrier was in a tree close tot eh hut on Farlington Marshes on 7th.

A golden plover flew over Pigeon Haouse farm Widley and two were seen later at farlington on 9th.


The Thorney Island Kentish plover was still at Pilsey Island on 7th.  That day there were around 70 sanderlings on Pilsey Sands.


There were 34 greenshanks on the Thorney deeps  and one at Titchfield Haven, where thety are not so common, on 7th.


Sandwich terns have been seen in Langstone Harbour on at least three days witht eh highest count being 10.


A yellow-legged gull was among other gulls on the edge of the frying pan at Titchfield Haven on 8th.


There was a kingfisher at Staunton Park lake on 8th, at farlington on 9th & 10th and also on the stream at Southmoors on 10th

A barn owl, no doubt glad of some dry weather for hunting after the recent rain, was sen on Thorney Island on 5th.

A merlin was seen briefly on a post near the frying pan at Titchfield Haven on 8th..  

Two peregrines flew over Red Barn allotments Portchester at 15:00 on 6th.

There weer 2 ravens at Old Winchester Hill on 10th.

Farlington Marshes    09/10/20

kingfisher  1 

bearded tits  9 



Kingfisher flew in harbour near lake. Bearded tits flew high above reeds by lake before landing in reeds.


Ros Norton 

Nine bearded tits were sen at Farlington on 9th.


Around 35 swallows were over Pigeon House Farm Widley midday on 6th.

Around 80 house martins and 20 swallows were on the northern slopes of Portsdown on 9th.

Two ring ouzels were seen on Portsdown on 9th.

Six stonechats were in the grass near the point at Farlington on 7th.  There were 14 and a whinchat atr Old Winchester Hill on 8th.

Two firecrests were seen at Titchfield Haven, one by the junction to the Suffern Hide and one by the junction to the Meadow Hide, on 5th.


There were 2 whinchats at Pigeon House Farm Widley on 6th.


Six greuy wagtails  were seen near Bidbury Park Bedhampton and one on the stream near the church on 10th.


Four lesser redpolls flew over Old Winchester Hill on 10th.



Six crossbills flew west over Old Portsmouth on 5th.

A vocal flock of crossbills flew south west over the Cosham IBM lake on 10th.

Twenty siskins stopped briefly in top of tall fir tree at Titchfield Haven, before continuing their Earth orbit in a westerly direction on 5th.  Two were on Old Winchester Hill on 10th.

Butterflies & Moths

There were 7 clouded yellows, one of which was a helice in a field near Longmere Point on Thorney Island on 4th.


A hummingbird hawk was seen in a Hayling island garden on 7th.


The sun brought out butterflies on 7th.  Small whites, small coppers and common blues were seen at Fort Widley and Eastney beach.  There were also clouded yellows at Eastney.




Thorn apple, black nightshade and borage are flowering on the Hayling Billy Trail just north of the crossing over Langstone Road.  There is also some thorn apple on 'alley' - the paved track along the bottom of Portsdown just above the hospital



Reptiles & Amphibians



Other Wildlife



Two albino squirrels I were seen along the trail of the golf course near to Southdowns College om 9th..  This is the third recent sighting of them in this area.







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