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Butterflies & Moths



Around 20 Brent geese were on the sea between the western shore of Thorney Island & Hayling on 19th.  (T Carter)


Pintails and wigeon have begun to arrive at Farlington Marshes.



A great white egret flew over Farlington Marshes on 18th and 5 were reported on 19th.  (T Carpenter)




There was an avocet at Titchfield Haven on 18th.  (R Carpenter)


Golden plovers  have been seen at Farlington Marshes (1) and on the Hayling Billy Path (North) (2).


There were single ruffs at Farlington and Titchfield on 19th.


Three snipe were on the lake at Farlington on 19th.  (M Bell)


A grey phalarope  was on the flooded field at the north end of the Billy Trail on Hayling Island for a 4th day on 18th.  (I Mears)


Three little stints, 1 adult and 2 juveniles, were on the lake at Farlington on 19th.  (A Robjohns)


Two spotted redshanks were on the lake at Farlington and 6 greenshanks on Northney Common on 19th.


19/09/17 Kingfisher Farlington Marshes 1 M Bell

Kingfishers have been seen at Farlington, Broadmarsh and Thorney Island.



On 18th there were at least 18 mistle thrushes feeding on recently mowed fields at Havant Thicket on 18th.  (B Collins)


Two spotted flycatchers were seen in Havant Thicket on 18th (M Collins) and 1 on Thorney Island on 19th. (T Carter)








 Greater celandine was seen in the Mengham Rithe area of HI on 18th.  (R Hollins)










Other Wildlife



A weasel was seen on the eastern approach to Thorney on 19th.  (T Carter)







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