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White Squirrels

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These animals have been fairly frequently seen in the Cosham and Purbrook areas for many years.  For some years - the mid 90s to the mid noughties they also spread into Hayling Island, Southsea and to the north.  For a couple of years up to 2010 there have been few reports and all of these have come from Cosham or Purbrook.  More recently I have had reports from wider UK areas as shown below.

New sightings and pictures will be very welcome.  E mail them to me please.


Only a few white squirrels are albinos, recognizable by pink or blue eyes and the absence of pigmentation anywhere on the body. The gene for such an absence of the pigment, melanin, is recessive, so each parent must carry it to produce an albino squirrel. Albino squirrels have vision problems and are at a disadvantage in the wild.


Many white squirrels  are genetic colour variants of the gray species, as are the less common black squirrel. They breed normally and may have gray siblings. It is thought that the genes that normally produce a white underbelly in the gray squirrel are active in a wider area of their bodies, often leaving discernible gray patches on the spine and head. It is also theorized that the white coloration may even provide some kind of survival advantage in the colonies where they do thrive.


Partially white squirrels e.g. the Cheshire one listed below are described as Leucistic.


Should they, can they be protected?  They are non-native grey squirrels and their offspring are as likely to be grey as white.  So I doubt that they can be protected and it is debatable whether grey squirrels should be protected.  In many placers they are culled to protect native red squirrels.



The sightings are arranged geographically and recent entries are in italics   Click on the names below to find records from your area.


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New sightings in i





Hello, I live in South Bristol and have many big trees in my garden.  I always see grey squirrels on my fence and in the trees, but this morning I saw for the first time in my life a white squirrel sitting on the fence. Sorry no picture, either I was too slow  or the squirrel too fast. The  next time I try to be faster.

I hope this was of interest to you.  


Renate Weiss 




Unfortunately no pictures - squirrel was far too clever and quick - but spotted a white squirrel in trees on Buckwood Lane ,Whipsnade ,Bedfordshire  Seemed very healthy and happy   

Best wishes and Merry Christmas   

Andy Brocklehurst  21 dec 2020


Just spotted a white squirrel in my garden in Biddenham, Bedford 9:30 17th August 2020 

I spotted a white squirrel today 16th Jun 2020 in Old Warden Bedfordshire.  It was on a farm track n a wooded area  Thanks  James Bryan

a white squirrel was seen in a Studham Bedfordshire garden on 12th june 2020 .This is the second time in a week we have seen it.The first time a grey squirrel chased it away.
We get quite a few black squirrels around here.
               Chris Turner



Three sightings in Bromham, Bedfordshire this morning. 2 locations at the opposite ends of the village approx 1 mile apart.  andy K  29th Sept 2019



Following on the from a recent sighting in Bromham, Bedfordshire (which is about 3 miles from me) on your website, I saw this white squirrel in trees on a green just off Chiltern Avenue, Bedford (which is a very urban area) It seemed quite content sitting in a tree enjoying it’s breakfast!

 Picture right.

And weirdly enough, my eldest lives in Havant!! Regards  Glyn Milbourne



Just following up on the sighting of a white squirrel in Bromham Bedfordshire in 2017.  Spotted  an albino on my garage roof in Bromham on the 12th of August 2019.  Pete Chard




We have a white squirrel living near us on small wooded area near us in Bromham Bedfordshire.  It has been there for the past couple of years . I have not been able to catch on camera yet!  Kind Regards  

Nicola Lewis 8th Feb 2017


Hi my hubby has just come back from walking our dogs and spotted a white squirrel.We live in Bromham, Bedford. Mk43 area. Penny Farrar 27 June 2017




A white squirrel visits our garden in Barton Cambridge 2/3 times a week.  David Rapley 12 Dec 2016


CheshireWhite squirrel in Cheshire


hi John. 

just seen a white squirrel in Marbury Park, Northwich, not too far from the canal. I had to double take as never seen one. felt almost mythical. pics attached, taken on my phone. Thanks, David. 3rd April 2023



There were 2 white squirrels by the canal bridge  in Marbury Park on 30thjan 2022.  Ann Barr.


Just to let you know I’ve sighted a white squirrel at the entrance at Marbury Park in Northwich near the car park. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one and was very surprised. The date was 23 December 2021 at approx 2pm.  

Kind regards Janet Millett



For the last few months at work we have set up a bird feeder and such just outside our asphalt plant, we have had regular visits of a white squirrel.  

Thought it would be nice to report it to someone in case they are rare or infrequently seen. 

Kind regards  Andy Ryan



The Marbury Park white squirrel was still present on 20th.


The Marbury Park white squirrel was seen By Lou Starky foraging on the ground near the entrance to the car park - a beautiful animal.



Hi, just seen your website and thought you might like to know that the Marbury Park (Northwich) white squirrel is doing fine. Didn't get much of a photo but it sat watching us from about 15 feet up in it's regular spot. Saw it about 2 months ago as well, but didn't realise there was a dedicated website.   It was really interested in my 2 border collies, inquisitive little soul. Anyway, it looks fit and well I'm happy to report. 

Best wishes, Mrs C. Ashdown. 28th Nov 2020.


White squirrel in Marbury Park Cheshire .  Diane Everson 2/11/2020 


Saw the white squirrel of Marbury Park Cheshire  this evening                      17. 50hrs sunday 11/10/2020 


Saw a white squirrel today (16/09/2020) at Marbury country park in Cheshire. 




A squirrel with a white tail is a regular visitor to a garden in Heswall, Wirral at the moment. 'Springwatch' have told me it may be 'leucistic'. I know its not completely white but just thought your group might be interested.  Best wishes  Anne Buckley 


Hi just to let you know I saw the famous white squirrel in Marbury park Cheshire today (1st March 2016)`of all places in the car park!  (Rachel Sinclair)



Just to say we were in Marbury Country Park Cheshire  today 25th October 2015 and saw a white squirrel in the woods near the children's play area. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone or camera




We were at Marbury Park in Cheshire on 7th June 2015 and saw a white squirrel. (Andy Goddard) 

A white squirrel was seen near the car park at Marbury Country Park, Cheshire on 20th March 2015. (Kevin Gee)

 Hi, I couldn't get a picture but I spotted a white squirrel in Marbury Park Cheshire 25/09/2014! I was amazed Natalie Saunders  

We spotted a white squirrel at Marbury Country Park in Northwich, Cheshire on Sunday 31st August.  Jane Barlow





A white squirrel was seen recently in Stoke woods in Exeter. Daniel



2nd September 2012 :    I spotted a white squirrel yesterday on the road home from Dartmoor to Exeter.  Ann Hopkins


Hi, just seen a white squirrel in my garden 22.8.17 also saw it about two weeks ago but no picture unfortunately I didn't even know they existed until now was rather unsure as to what it was at first but having seen it again and checking it out am sure now, I am in Wickham Bishops Essex.  Trevor Keeble.

This morning  (23rd Jan 2017)_at our toddler group in our local church hall,  we were all singing nursery rhymes until I saw a pure white squirrel play and chase a grey squirrel up a big tree. Most of the parents and children couldn't believe our eyes.  Amazing sighting. We live in a country village called Wickham Bishops, just outside Witham, Essex.



I have just seen (30/9/2014) a white squirrel on the fence out side my house I have a nature reserve out the front I never new you could get white ones but it was so pretty I'm in Colchester Kelly Lieberman




Herne Bay, CT6 8PQ    01.07.21

An Albino grey squirrel has been visiting my garden for the last few days. In great condition. I managed to get video footage of it on my trail camera.   Heather Mathieson 



On Sunday 2nd June 2019, my partner and I where out for a walk around Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent. We saw a albino squirrel in Hadlow Churchyard, we will try to  get a picture. It seemed quite at home, so we suspect that it lives quite close!.  Regards Gary Britton



I saw a white squirrel in Headcorn Kent today. I was driving so unfortunately didn’t get a picture . 

Kind regards  Yasmin Kitchin 22/12/120



I just want to let you know  that my husband, my son and I saw a white  squirrel today on the side of the road.

 We were on the Teston Road West Malling Kent. We were all very  surprised.  Danielle Kent 13/12/20.



I saw a white squirrel in Maidstone Kent on Friday 4th December 2020. It didn't stop moving to be able to get a picture but I will keep my eyes open and try and get a picture if I see it again.  

Kind Regards Saul Phillips 



Spotted a lovely white squirrel quite a few times in my garden and my woodland I live in Iwade in Kent . Julie-Ann Brooker 25/11/2020



Ramsgate, Kent – Saw one this morning along my road in a neighbours front garden, was there as I walked passed both times. I will take my camera tomorrow morning and see if I can get a photo. 

Kind Regards  Joanne  Glover 25/11/20 


An albino squirrel has been visiting a Swalecliffe  garden for the last few days. We have Greys but this is Albino with pink eyes. Is this rare? 

Howard Deakin 22/11/2020



Just reporting a sighting of a white squirrel at Broome Park Hotel, Kent The greys seem to pay little attention to the fact it’s white and they roam the trees together. 

Regards Bruce Sanders  21st Nov 2020 


I was on the approach to Westerham when my husband and I spotted a white squirrel...I didn't know they existed!! Then spotted two pheasants just after seeing the squirrel...I know this is the  pheasant time of the year.  This was yesterday 10th November 2020, Westerham, Kent.  

Maria and John Priestley 


hi I haven't yet got a photo but will try over the next few days as I have seen one in Sittingbourne Road carpark Maidstone Kent.  There are a few greys here and today, 10th November 2020, I saw a white one. By the time I got my phone it was gone.... Paul Brown.


FYI just seen a white squirrel in Offham Kent today, 10th November 2020. 

Jim Brown



Hello I've just spotted an albino squirrel by the army Barracks dual carriage way Maidstone. Very sprightly :) 

Fox Reckless  8/11/20



A white squirrel was running up and down the trees in a field just a the side of the lane I was walking up in Hildenborough,  Tonbridge,  Kent.

 Margaret Talbot 7th Nov 2020 


We spotted a white squirrel today (7th Nov 2020) in Eridge Park in Kent it was an amazing site!   Dilly Dagwell

We've Spotted this white squirrel  in trees backing onto flats of Glen Trammon recreation ground, Orpington, Kent. Been there for 2 days so we've noticed.   Kelly Gibbs 


To my surprise I saw a white squirrel at Boys Hill near East Studdal in Kent this morning. Was driving so unfortunately could not pause to photograph. What a treat!  Diana Richardson 7/09/20 


I  have now seen a white squirrel in my Herne Bay garden a few times over the last week. It was to quick to take a photo but a lovely sight. 

Daphne Hodson  13 Aug 2020



We’ve just (1st June) spotted a white squirrel in sundridge, Kent. Just thought it would be of interest!   J Wentzel



Spotted a pure white squirrel this afternoon (10th May 2020)  at Chislehurst Golf Club. I wasn't close enough to see the colour of it's eyes, and sadly had left my phone at home.

Regards, Carol Tyson



Walking our dogs today at the back of Manston caravan park I saw a white squirrel I didn't have my phone but I will try tomorrow to get a photo one.  My neighbour has told me it feeds from his bird table every day what a beautiful thing.  Roz Cuxton.


I've just seen (5th Jan 2020) a white squirrel in Rochester Kent , it was white all over no other colour kind regards. Sharon Hope



An albino white squirrel was in a Brasted, Kent garden on  15.12.2019 he was on my bird feeder which is right outside my bedroom window and I have some great photo's. 

Christine Freed 



I live in Deal, and I know there are two white squirrels up at Northbourne in Kent.

Very pretty.  charon Cooper





Today I saw two pure white squirrels in Margate Cemetery, Kent  (16/11/19). I was really amazed to see them as I didn't even know they existed!  Debra Saffery



Two albino squirrels are currently living in spinney woods Aylesham Kent and have done for a few years they are quite famous around Aylesham and are lovely to see.. ant Mccallum aj mccallum


Hi I today 5sep 2019 see a pure white squirrel how amazing it was there quite a while unfortunately my camera don't work but it was such a lovely thing to see I never knew they even exist. This was in Ramsgate 🙂 Kar Strat



We spotted a white squirrel in the woods near my parents house in Tonbridge on 22nd Feb 2019. Off Romney way.   (Dee Crafter)





Hi I just thought I’d let you know I’ve seen a white squirrel in my back garden in Longfield Kent three times in the last month.  I don’t think it has pink eyes so I’m guessing The White squirrel.  I think it’s eyes are dark   Annie



Had a white squirrel in my garden on Thursday of last week (End Nov 2018) in Westerham kent.  AntagonisticMonkey <>




I'm not sure how rare this is but we have got two White squirrels in Leybourne chase near West Malling in Kent.  Matthew Kaye 14th October 2018




Clearly spotted a white squirrel crossing the quite approach road to Chartwell House near Westerham Kent.  A first for us!

Regards Mick Smith 9th October 2018



Here are a couple of photos of a white squirrel that I often see when I’m walking in the grounds at the University of Kent. These photos were taken this week. 

It’s very interesting to see the reports of sightings from other areas.  Helen Farbrace 5th April



After years of hearing about the albino squirrel on the campus of University of Kent, I always thought it was a myth! On my way to see Dr Bike at the pavilion, to get our neighbour's bike fixed, I saw the completely white (other than its dark eyes) squirrel. It was like someone had created it from a 3D printer using normal white printing paper!  

By the time I got out my rubbish phone, it was gone, into the low shrubs with its grey mate!!!  I felt very honoured to have seen it in person... 

Tam October 3rd 2018



Hi just seen a white squirrel in a cemetery in Chatham Kent (Mr Chucky 24 June 2018)


We have just spotted a white squirrel living in a big old oak tree in our garden. We're in TN12, Tonbridge.  Shauni Spafford On 4th May Shauni confirmed there are actually two white squirrels visiting her garden.


I saw a white squirrel on 9th march 2018  in a park just off Hales Place in Canterbury. 

Niki di Palma



My Son and I saw a fully white squirrel today (18/02/18 13:30 ish) in Rogers Wood Lane in Longfield in Kent. We were driving so didn’t catch a glimpse of his eyes but he was just sitting in the road!.  Regards Gene Thomas



A white squirrels was see at the University of Kent, Parkwood woods Canterbury. 14th January 2018 (Martha Lawford)



We have an albino squirrel living in the woods behind our house in Four Elms Kent.  TN8 6NY... Cannot say if it's male or female..

I checked with our neighbour and he said he and another neighbour have seen it a few times....   I have saved acorns to feed the squirrels during winter so I hope to see it again... This time I will have my camera ready and send you a shot ..Regards  Lorraine van Rensburg  1st Jan 2018


My daughter and I saw a white squirrel as we were driving through Hadlow in Kent this afternoon (7th December 2017) at about 3.30pm. The squirrel was pure white with piercing black eyes. The squirrel looked healthy and was running along the tree and then along the ground.

Natalie Farley.


I just returned from a dog walk, sighted a white squirrel (too quick and too dark for a picture or to see its eyes red/black) Laddingford, Kent, ME18 6BU Regards Digby Danvers 15th Nov 2017 


I’ve worked at the University of Kent, Canterbury for a few years and have often spotted a white squirrel on my walk to and from work but not for some months.  I recently spotted this little albino one in the branches of a tree (17 October 2017) and he was there again last night. 

Jacqui Martlew 



Just saw my first white squirrel this morning in East Studdal, Kent. It was very skittish so I'm afraid I couldn't get a picture but it was very beautiful and looked to be fully grown. The eyes seemed dark, but again that could have been a trick of light.  Warm regards   Wendy Graetz 1/09/2017



Hi John,

We spotted this one Ronald’s Wood, Fawkam,Longfield,Kent on Monday 10th July 2017 .Ronald Isaacs



Had an albino squirrel in the garden this morning. Tonbridge area of Kent Karen Branard.



Just seen  my first ever white squirrel in our garden in Birling, West Malling, Kent. I did not get close enough to see whether it had pink eyes. . It was about half size of a fully grown grey and was with a somewhat larger grey - mother perhaps or sibling?   

Kind regards,  Richard Harrison-Murray  13 may 2017.




Saw a white squirrel in Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone, Kent and have never seen a white Squirrel before. Rob 3.12.16



HI  I  have seen a white squirrel with my husband in Maidstone Kent yesterday 27th Oct.    jo and keith perring


We spotted a white squirrel on 25th & 26th in a wooded area on a quiet hill that leads up to the village of Swingfield in Kent. We didn’t know they existed until yesterday!  Regards  Rupert Maddison-Roberts



A white squirrel was seen in the area of  TN40 2JD on 27 05 16 around 8am.  Richard Swain.


My wife and I have seen a white squirrel on three occasions recently twice today  at different times .pictures attached .regards Mike Leeper we live in long field Kent  


A white squirrel was seen in in Ramsgate Kent on 18th april 2016. Kev & Jordain Hill. 


A white squirrel with pink eyes was in Chatham on 24th January 2016.  Aliyah Sheikh  


Seen a white squirrel in Shepherdswell ,Dover Kent (June2105) unfortunately no pic as driving . Lived there for twenty years and never seen one before . Moved back into area and see one straight away lol     yours darryl 


My wife and I had a white albino squirrel (pink eyes) visit our West Wickham garden twice this afternoon (16 Jan 2015).  We shall watch to see if it continues to visit us!  David & Lynne Noble. 


I saw a white squirrel today on Hayes Common, Kent at 2.30pm, it crossed the ride in front of my dog and myself near West Common Drive. We often visit these woods but have never seen one before.   Sally Carruthers 10th Jan 2015.



Hi found your website and wanted to share the fact that today (20/12/14) we sighted a white squirrel whilst leaving Bluewater shopping centre, Greenhithe, Kent. Unfortunately we were unable to get a photo due to the fact we were driving   Chris Hoad


A white squirrel was seen in  robin gate wood Tunbridge wells Kent climbing a tree.  Woodland close to   1/12/14  Imelda eve



Hi have just seen white squirrel in my garden Bromley Kent. 2 crows were chasing it and we clapped and the crows flew away and the squirrel was safe. (Brenda Andrews)


An albino squirrel was seen near the windmill at Woodchurch Kent on 6th Oct 2014.  Karen.



Just seen White squirrel in a front garden in Brabourne Kent, more than a little surprised as I didn't know they existed... Mark Bunting   24.09.2014



I saw a white squirrel in my garden probably about 6 weeks ago. At first everyone I was probably seeing things! Thankfully the rest of e family saw it today (30th August 2014) and I managed to get a couple of photos if you are interested, I can send them through. We live in Rochester Kent and this is certainly the only one that I have seen. It looks pretty healthy and is certainly quite active.  Alan Watson.



Hi there my name is Jack, earlier today (9th April 2014) I was playing golf in Kent and managed to take a photo of a white (albino) squirrel, I understand they are rare especially in the UK. Would you be interested to see it or perhaps let me know who I could contact?   King regards, Jack Phillips



One seen today at Hamstreet Nature Reserve, Ashford Kent   K Little



Hi, just thought I'd let you know I saw a pure white today! He was quite happily rooting around on the side of the a20 in Brabourne near Ashford in Kent! Andy Dwyer :)  [This sounds like the same area as the report below JG]



I've just seen a pure white squirrel in Hythe Road Ashford- . Amazing!  I couldn't stop to take a photo as I driving and had cars behind me.  Time:3.15pm Date: 17/3/14  JulieDurnall.



I found your website and just wanted to email to report the sighting of a white squirrel by my son and daughter on their way to school one morning in January this year (2014).   It was about 7.50 in the morning and the squirrel ran across the road in front of my daughters car (luckily it did successfully get across the road). This was on the A20 London Road at Aylesford in Kent.  

Regards  Beverley Placsom



Blondie turned up in my garden around Easter 2010.  She visits every day and has raised several families, sadly all grey, and some in my garden.  I have no idea how she has survived so long as she is very careless around my two cats!  This is her dismantling a teddy bear head she found.  When one of her dreys got blown apart you could that she had used the teddy stuffing to line her drey.    Sian West Malling, Kent


We have seen on 2 occasions now a white squirrel in our garden. We live in Hartley, Kent. we have lots of regular grey squirrels who visit for food. White squirrel has been on his own and appears to have set up home in a big pine tree. have 1 picture but not great quality, my boys Josh and Jacob (age 8 and 11) are keeping a close look out and will try take another photo (we think its very exciting)  Regards Vicki Rogers

We have a white squirrel in our Close  (Lacton Oast The Street Willesborough, Ashford, Kent) living in a Maple Tree. Very active and fit. We have seen a white squirrel some 15 years ago in Hatch Deer Park Mersham which is just down the road.  Regards,  Stephen Cochrane  25 june 2013

25th Jan 2013: 

Meopham, Kent   white squirrel  1  I have just spotted a white squirrel outside my house in the tress in Meopham kent,   Yvette Byron

Saturday 27th October 2012, saw a white squirrel in Canterbury, Kent around the university, it seemed quite happy in a garden. I couldn't believe my eyes. Roger

Further sighting in Oaklands Road, Bromley on Saturday 21st July. Stopped car to let him/her cross the road but no time for photo. 

Bob Hewitt

I don't have a picture but last Saturday 9th June 2012, I saw a pure white squirrel in Bromley Kent running around on the lawn of someone's garden. I was fascinated.  Kind Regards  Margaret Clempson.





Found your website online and thought you'd be interested to hear about the sighting I had today in Pound Hill, Crawley. This was on the "Turners Hill Road" at the top of "The Ridings".  11th Oct 2022

Kind regards




I came across your detail when doing some research on white squirrels , Thought will share with you the location. It’s in my garden  Reigate, Surrey. Photos not great but can say that this one is fairly small,  looks like born not long time ago.   Regards   Dorota



driving towards A30 Camberley, coming from Ascot Berkshire   11/1/2021

a white squirrel while sitting in road work traffic, waiting for traffic lights to turn green. I see a white squirrel sitting in s tree, eating something. I didn't know they even excited was an exciting moment. 

Tina Hurley 



24th November 2020 My husband and I just saw a white squirrel climbing a tree when out walking in Carlton Road South Godstone RH9 8LE at 2.00 we will take a picture next time but we’re not prepared on this occasion.

Patti and Guus



Saw a white squirrel next to South Merstham church Redhill about 2pm 14/11/2020 - no time to take a photo as zoomed up the tree!..... 

Bernard  Baker



I have seen a white squirrel on my walk lately and I came across your website while looking into them a bit more. The location is along footpaths just south of Lingfield Common Road. I have tried to get a photograph but it is very fast at climbing the tree!! Will keep trying.  Thank you Jacqui Hooper 30th June 2020



a white squirrel was seen onm23rd May 2020 in Red Lane Oxted Surrey   Julie White.  


I came across a white squirrel today in The Grove, Carshalton SM5 2AN.  D Wilson 


Spotted a white squirrel on the 29th November 2019 River Wandle Carshalton Surrey SM5 2FN  Jade Goodall



Saw my first white squirrel in my garden today 28/12/2019 in Runfold, Surrey.  It stayed outside the window for around an hour.  I hope it comes back.  Vincent Robson.


I’m not sure who to inform but It may be of interest to you. I play golf at Kingswood Golf and Country club in Surrey and last week I saw a white squirrel on the course and today (17th November 2019) I saw two.   Gaynor Berrington

I saw this ton 4th August 2019 in Carshalton Park Surrey .  Photos by Ethel Black.  Click on them to see them full size.



I saw a white, probably albino, squirrel in Butter hill, Wallington SM6 this morning at 6am. (Ethel Black)


Not sure if you are still collecting this info but there is a white squirrel living on Molesey Drive, North Cheam. I’ve seen it a couple of times now.  

 Kelly Dolan 25 Nov 2018.






Good morning,  just to let you know I have just seen a white squirrel in my neighbours garden.  Obviously not close enough to see if it was a full albino or not!  Thought I was seeing things and luckily the gardeners here at the moment saw it too.   Sighting was today, 20th October at Caterham Hill, Surrey.  Kind regards,  

Jane Collman




A white squirrel was seen in October 2018 near Leigh Mill Lake in Godstone Surrey.   Carol



A white squirrel was in Nonsuch Park (near Cheam in Surrey) on 7th April.


This morning (2 apr 18) I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming a white squirrel in our garden.   

Kind regards Sarah   Redhill, Surrey   (Pictures right - click on them to see them full size)


I’ve just seen a white or albino squirrel on my garden fence. It was manoeuvring along the fence following a grey squirrel. 

Helene Wray Common, Redhill, Surrey 11/03/18



I’ve spotted a white squirrel on the edge of a field in South Nutfield, near Redhill, Surrey.  The fields are called ‘Jubilee Fields’.

I was walking my dog there on 6/3/18 and tried to get closer to take a photo but the squirrel was very skittish and quickly disappeared into the woodland adjacent to the field.

I’ve walked my dog there regularly for the last 4 or so years and have never seen it there before.

Michelle Fowler.



 A white squirrel was seen on 6th March 2018 in Nonsuch Park Surrey.. (Stephen Attridge)



I just have to report to you that for the past ten days there has been a pure white Squirrel feeding off my bird feeder in South Merstham, Surrey along with garden birds and other resident grey Squirrels.
It feeds early in the morning and appears to get on very well with the other Squirrels.  Tina Campley 1st March 2018

We are staying with my son in Merstham, and this morning spotted a white squirrel. So wonderful to see.

Thought I would report to you as I saw your email address on line.

Kind regards  Sheana Brown & Lesley Cameron 02/09/2017

Pictures by Caroline D'Monte of squirrels that live in a red at the bottom of her garden.  27th June 2017.  Click on the pictures to see them full size.




I’ve just seen a white squirrel whilst out in the woods walking my dogs at the Top section of Old Lodge Lane, Purley, Surrey, CR8 4AP.  ADam O'Donnell





We were in Cannock Chase today 12/07/2020 .We saw a white squirrel, unfortunately we didn't get a picture, as we were shocked on seeing it. Denita Bartoszek




Seen today (1st June 20187)at Chasewater, Staffordshire about 1.30pm, in the woods to the west of the water near Norton East Road. Couldn’t see the eyes but thought it had grey patches on its back, ie probably not pure white all over.  From Hazel Bridgwater Staffordshire




My wife Glennis and I saw a white squirrel at Chasewater Staffordshire today(5th Mar 2018) 

We watched it for a little while but couldn't see the colour of its eyes. It was striking against what was left of the snow from the weekend. 

I see that someone else has reported seeing one in Chasewater on your site. It must be the same one I suspect. 

Kind regards Mark Langford

A colleague of mine has just seen a white squirrel in Chase Water , in Staffordshire !  while out walking on (for, on or off ? JG) his lunch JG


Kelly Wildman 30 Sept 2017



Hi just seen one first thought it was a ferret as it was on the floor it was in the wood over Chasewater in Staffordshire  the pictures are very poor so I haven't sent any.  Regards Danny


Hi there!

So excited to report that we just saw a white squirrel at the end of our road!   We live in Bexhill on sea in East Sussex!! I was driving so couldn’t get a picture but will keep an eye out!  13 Sept 2021.

Sarah x


We saw a white squirrel today on the back road between Eridge and Rotherfield, East Sussex. No photograph as so surprised to see it & we were in the car. It looked a young squirrel & quite beautiful.

Jenny & Peter Elphick  26th January 2021

I came across your website about white squirrels and wanted to get in touch about one I saw on Sunday morning (22nd November 2020) for your records. I’m not sure if you already know about this one but just in case!

It was down Kerves Lane in Horsham, scurrying about by the trees that lead into a large field and woodland. Unfortunately we were in the car so I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture but am keeping my fingers crossed I will see it again when I am down that road again! I was so excited to see it! I work in a small zoo and told all my colleagues who were also very excited! Haha!

 Best wishes, Holly Michael



Hi we saw a white squirrel in the wood/old railway line behind the coop in Heathfield E.Sx a couple of days ago. Picture not very good but definately a white squirrel.


 Bev 21 nov 2020.



Hi we spotted a white squirrel today  (17/11/20)- we had no idea how rare they were so watched it for a while but now kicking ourselves and wished we’d taken a photo. We were in East Sussex in Friston Forest by the Friston Pumping Station. 

Ruth Brougham



For your records spotted a white squirrel in Roselands Park Eastbourne, today.

Sue Riley



Today (11/09/2020) I opened my front door to see this beautiful albino squirrel looking at me. It was very quick and I just about got a picture! I'm in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex.  




TA white squirrel lives with us. Been here for a couple of months and rarely leaves. Seems like he has moved into an old magpie nest. We live in worth west sussex 

Kind regards  Stella Walton Aug 2020

An albino squirrel


We were very surprised to see a white squirrel in our oak tree this morning 16th jun 2020. Looked very healthy. 

We live in St. Leonards-On-Sea, Hastings. 

Feel so lucky to have seen one, am going to get some squirrel feeders now!! 

Vanessa Packham 

I spotted a beautiful white squirrel in our garden this afternoon. Inquisitive little thing bounced around the garden and our pet bunny for a bit before finally clawing it's way up a fence and into a tree. Husband swears it had red eyes. RH10, Crawley, Sussex Apologies, so astonished to see it that we didn't take pictures!   (RO)



Hi, just had a white squirrel visiting my garden all day today (June 10th 2020), it’s beautiful and playful, I live in Bexhill on sea,East Sussex .Ramon Burt


Hubby also saw one down the road from our house in Nov last year.. we'll keep our eyes peeled and phones to hand going forward.  (R.O.)


Spotted a white squirrel on road out of Little Common towards Bexhill about 5 mins ago on 31stMay 20.  It was in wooded area next to road near traffic island RB1. Jack Hancock

We spotted a white squirrel in Eastbourne this morning, 7th May 2020,

It was quite friendly and came up to my son twice.  Beth Morris.



White squirrel in my garden last week (Jan 2020)I live in pinewoods Little Common TN39 near Bexhill unfortunately so shocked wasn't able to get photo regards Denise Denman



We have a white squirrel, my spotting scope shows no red eyes, so genuine white, living in the bottom of our garden in Whatlington East Sussex. Lovely watching such an unusual creature going about its business.  Christopher Antrobus



This morning 1st January 2020, I spotted a white squirrel. We are staying in a cottage in Icklesham and spotted this beauty outside our door .  Michelle Moorhouse.



I spotted a white squirrel in Alfriston, East Sussex on 29 November 2019 - it was just above where Deans Rd meets the Broadway.. there is a path heading up towards the Downs which joins a bridal path.. just there.  I didn’t know anything about white squirrels and have never seen one before - but my Mother told me about your website!!   Sadly didn’t get a photo!  Gillian Holdsworth.




One was photographed in Hastings on 30th November 2019.  Kate Honeyford


Hi today at Heavens farm 

Furner's Green, Uckfield TN22 3RG
Whilst on the nature trail my son spotted a white squirrel it was freely running from tree to tree around 230pm the pic is not great as I was trying take it  before my spaniel I had on lead  noticed it and scare it off. 
Thanks jay 



 My Wife was very excited to see an albino white squirrel in our garden in Eastbourne on 29th July 2019. Two days later I saw it too.....rooting around our flowerpots.  So pleased and excited we both saw it. Hoping it will come back. Kind Regards, Phil and Kim Read




I have a white squirrel living in and around my Horsham garden for several years now. I don't think it is the albino red eye type but the Leucism variation, but I cannot be certain. I thought that they were quite common so not previously reported it but someone told me that they were in fact quite rare and should be reported. I am  not sure who to report it to but you came up on an Internet search. I have enclosed a couple of not very good pictures
I took today as it came close to me whilst I was sitting in the garden.
  Many thanks  Andy Bates 28th july 2019



Hi, just seen a white squirrel whilst out walking the dog around Chesworth Farm, Horsham, West Sussex.

Jacqui Adams 13 December 2018




I thought you’d be interested to know that I saw a white squirrel in Five Ashes on 19th September.

Helen Stockton


I don’t have a picture, but I spotted a white squirrel in Newick in East Sussex yesterday when out for a run! It was amazing. I’ve just been googling to find out more as I didn’t know they existed.  Ysella Collier 4 nov 2018

Just wanted to let you know that we saw a white squirrel this morning (9th Sept 2018) on our walk in the woods coming off Wolstonbury Hill in Sussex.  Sadly we didn't have our  he/she stayed in the same spot on the tree trunk long enough for us to have a good look.   

With best wishes. Rosie Thompson


Thought you might be interest to know I spotted a white squirrel in Gilridge Park in Eastbourne today. :) Marisa Gardener 20-7-18

I have just seen a white squirrel in my garden in Alfriston East Sussex, he was too quick to get a photo .Gillian Clinch 9 June 2018


This one turned up in October, and is a daily visitor to the garden.I'm in West Sussex.  Simon Gray




Caught a white squirrel fighting with a grey squirrel in the park here in Eastbourne. So strange to see
Best wishes Clare Winter 10/03/18


Saw albino squirrel on grass verge on Upper Dicker road near Hailsham, East Sussex at 11.30 this morning (3rd March 2018) Regards Graham Keeley


My husband and I witnessed an albino squirrel on the Batemans Trail, Burwash this afternoon (25/12/17).  Elisa Coulthurst



I saw the white squirrel on the grass verge in Upper Dicker today (27th Dec) eyes and looks very healthy. Such a fantastic sight !

Sue Baker


We saw one yesterday by the side of the road in Upper Dicker, East Sussex, and managed to grab a quick photo before it ran off into the woods.   


Best wishes,                Sally Walton 20th Dec 2017




Hi John, I saw an albino squirrel today scampering along on a roadside verge.  It was near Upper Dicker, Hailsham. David Wallace-Morrison 13th Dec 2017



I have been watching a white squirrel from my horsebox window for a few mornings now. He /she is too far away with my binoculars to identity eye colour. But is stunning and very active in a copse that belongs to someone else so I can't go and walk there.

The copse  is located at Dukes Hill, Thakeham west Sussex. Nov 2017



One was at East Grinstead on 16th March 2017.  Nicola Starmer.

Just seen one in Grebe Crescent in Horsham.  babsfosket 22.2.17.


Just to let you know I spotted a white squirrel this morning just off the Worth way/Church in Crawley West Sussex.  It was a lucky fella as I had to brake suddenly as it went under my car.  Off it went up a tree so no harm done…phew…Karen Fosckett 9 dec 2016

Just to let you know I saw a white squirrel on the outskirts of Peasmarsh in East Sussex yesterday. It ran across the road in front of me and disappeared into a hedge.


Claire Jinks 29 jan 2017

Hi i live on the south coast in a town called Bexhill. I spotted very clearly a grey squirrel chasing a pure white squirrel across our lawn then it ran along our back fence. Unfortunately by the time I went to take a photo the grey squirrel had caught up with it & chased it away. I just thought you may be interested to know. Regards Mrs M Wooller Dec 2016


There was a white squirrel in church St Willingdon on 6th Oct 2016.  Paulette Miller.

Hi, I'm from Haywards Heath in West Sussex and I've just seen a white squirrel in my garden. The pictures aren't great I'm afraid but here they are in case your interested.   

Kind regards  Sophie

Hi, I saw a white squirrel just north of Haywards Heath train station in West Sussex on March 8th and then again on March 9th. I couldn't get a picture as I was on the train, and I don't know if it was albino or leucistic. I have seen the squirrel once before, probably within the last year, in the same area. It looked healthy too! :) Katie

Hi, have just seen a white squirrel in Collington woods in Bexhill-on-Sea , East Sussex on 3rd March 2016. Lisa Dixon.  

We spotted this white squirrel, which we believe to be leucistic as it has dark eyes, along Spithurst Road, between Barcombe (Lewes) and Newick, last week (w/c 22 February 2016).  Sadly, we found him dead on the road a couple of days later.  

We would be very interested should there be any other sightings of white squirrels in the area suggesting others from the litter, if this is likely? Joanna & Claudia 


I saw a white squirrel in my friend's back garden on 14/1/2016 she lives in Lindfield, Haywards Heath. It was beautiful, and really eye catching.  We are pretty sure it had red eyes!   Chrissy Stick 


Just saw surprising sight of white squirrel with short white tail doing the run up my cercis outside the kitchen window in St Leonard's on Sea. Was half asleep and so surprised didn't get a pic but will aim to do so soon.  Catherine November 2015. 


A white squirrel has frequently been seen in Oak Bank, Lindfield, West Sussex during Mid September through to early October 2015. I have not seen it this week though.  

Neighbours reported seeing the albino fighting with grey squirrels but I have not seen that personally. 

I have been told that white squirrels have been seen in the vicinity of Blackthorns Infants and Junior School in Lindfield - and also in the grounds of nearby Oathall Community College, Appledore Gardens, situated within less than quarter of a mile away From Blackthorns. 

Diana Lindfield



I have sighted this little one several times in Hampden Park East Sussex . Very tame and likes crisps

Kind regards Catherine



Hi, white squirrel in back garden of Lindfield West Sussex,  RH16 2AB, (12th June 2015)  see there was a Lindfield report a couple of years ago. But not spotted before.   Diane


Spotted this (male) squirrel (pictured right - click on it to see it full size)in our garden yesterday.  We live in Lindfield ,West Sussex.  J Flyn 



I've seen a white squirrel in the Woods just off the Lingfield Road in East Grinstead. Also a few other locals report to have seen it too. 22.09.2014  Deanna Pennington 


I saw a white squirrel today playing around some trees on Butcherfield Lane, Hartfield, East Sussex. 19th August 2014.  Abie Salter..


Just seen a white squirrel running around in the grounds of the Beauport hotel in Battle East Sussex.  Never seen or heard about a white one so it made me look on the Internet. Seeing as its not been found or mentioned on here before I'm gonna name him/her Nutso. Haha cheers.   Barney Keyte


Just to let you know we have had a couple of sightings of a pure white squirrel in Goldsworth rd. Woking. Lovely condition, brown eyes rather than albino pink.                                  Cheers Peter East

Hello John I live a few doors up from your last Burwash (click to find it!) spotter, Brian. We had the squirrel in our garden on Saturday 11th Jan 2014.

Julie, Burwash

              Just to let you know I have seen a white squirrel in Cuckfield Sussex on Christmas Eve (2013).
Patrick Bates.

Hi John
I know you are down in Hants but had to let someone know that I have just seen a white squirrel in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. I was driving so
no photo but I had never heard of them let alone seen one. What a great creature. What a Surprise
Sally Phipps   7th Dec 2013.

Hi John, we have recently moved to Burwash East Sussex and spotted a White Squirrell in our back garden, possibly the one Glen Hopkins saw and i can confirm looks very well, just hope he / she stays that way, we have a Fox Terrier who takes an unhealthy interest in Squirrells, but i will make sure this one stays healthy.. Regards Brian Ranken 

Saw a white squirrel today in Burwash, East Sussex! Lived here all my 28 years and never seen one before! Looked very healthy! Glen Hopkins

WHITE SQUIRREL - Bexhill on Sea, 3pm Sunday 11th November, Richmond Avenue.

A beautiful and fluffy white squirrel hopping through the trees.  We watched it move from tree to tree for about 5 minutes, then could see it simply sitting deep in the fir trees branches for a time before moving out of sight.  Wonderful!  Linda Kimberley-Brooks (ACMA)  

We saw a white squirrel at dusk today 2nd October, 2012, in Bodiam, East Sussex. Never seen one before - it was amazing. It looked sprightly and healthy.  Ashley and Victoria

9th September 2012:  Hi, just seen a pure white squirrel whilst out walking in the country lane where I live in Eridge E.Sussex. Very shocked as never seen one before. Rita Phillips.

Dear John - White squirrel seen this a.m. Bixley Woods     50 degrees 58’ N  0 degrees 38’ E  Northwest of  Rye East Sussex. 

I have been walking here on a near daily basis for over two years and this is first time seen.   

Regards  Clive Pople.



Hello, I live in Winchcombe Gloucestershire and we have a white squirrel that is frequently in the garden. Has this one been reported yet? I will aim to get a picture but he’s a bit too quick for me currently. Many thanks Matt Dickens 10 Aug 2020



A lovely white squirrel appeared on our garden fence today( 10th June 2020). Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  Thanks Lucy Browne



Whilst walking in Winchcombe (during a New Year's break (2020)in the Cotswolds) along Stancombe Lane earlier today, we saw a beautiful white squirrel with red eyes. He followed us along the fence behind the bushes.  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of it but none of us had ever seen anything like it before. 

Marie Davies  Solihull



Just to let you know I was very lucky to spot a pure white squirre



ascinated by it and managed to take some photos on my phone. Julie Braddock






On 21st March 2024 a white squirrel was seen in Eastney Portsmouth.  Andrew Rigby.


A white squirrel was in the trees behind  Tempest Ave Waterlooville on 11th September.  Michael Fretter


I saw a white squirrel in tree adjacent to the car park by Wilko in Waterlooville on Saturday 12 August 2023 about 1.00pm.


Best regards Denis Knockton  Waterlooville



I live in Selangor Avenue  Emsworth and have seen a large white squirrel  twice this week running across the bottom of my garden. First sighting on Sunday  and again this morning. Pamela Gillespie  3 Nov 2022.

I live in Fir Copse Road, on the Widley/Purbrook border. Since Friday last week (17th June 2022) we have had an albino squirrel visiting our garden for lengthy periods. I understood there to be white squirrels in this area but I’d never seen one. But to see an albino..with pink eyes…is just amazing. Liz Sherlock


We believe we have spotted a white squirrel in our garden this morning (8am, Sunday 16th Jan 2022). We live in Selangor Avenue, Emsworth and have been here for 7 years but this is the first time we have seen one. My husband noticed a flash of white at the end of the garden and when we looked closer it was a white squirrel tail flitting about, and then we saw it run along our back wall and hop down.  Philippa Hammersley



There was white squirrel in Sandy dell Purbrook on 27th Nov 2021.  (and they have been seen there since)

Terry Smith 




Saw one in the garden if White lodge nursing home in Emsworth last Thursday.  Pam @ Kings Quay




I've just seen a white squirrel in my garden in Waterlooville, Hampshire . Eileen Wilmer 11 Aug 2021



I am a live in carer for a lady in Record Road,  Emsworth.  She has had a white squirrel visit twice...about 5 weeks ago and then about 2 weeks latet. It was also seen in Beach Road 


I also cared for a lady in Partridge Green. She had a regular white visitor who produced a white kitten. albino squirrel in Kingston cemetery Portsmouth


While coming up Mill Lane on the back of Portsdown this afternoon we spotted a white squirrel. First one we have ever spotted amazing

Regards  Tony 


A white squirrel was seen in Emsworth on 27th Jan 2021.James Richards.


A white squirrel has been seen and fed in Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth for around 3 years. (Photo T. Auld click to see it full size) 


I’ve attached a couple of pictures taken this morning in Crookhorn. They were taken behind the golf club alongside the golf course. Pictures aren’t great as they were taken on my phone, but you can see the white squirrel!  

Made my day!  Linda  Cooper 


One white squirrel seen briefly on the oak tree in my garden in Stakes Road, Purbrook this morning (4th January 2021).  It was too far away to see if it was an albino. 

Terry Smith   


White squirrel spotted whilst out cycling last Sunday 22nd November 2020 at 15:52 at Purbrook Heath on the stretch of Purbrook Heath Road just before Mill Lane.  John Walls. 


Spotted a white squirrel today, 22nd September 2020 in Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth. Chloe Moore 


One white squirrel seen in the small woodland on the edge of Crookhorn Golf Course next to Copse Close, Purbrook on 10th September 2020 (afternoon).  I couldn’t see if it was an albino.  Terry Smith   


I was walking through Kingston cemetery in Portsmouth along St Mary's road on 8th September 2020. As I cut through there to take my son to school I spotted a white squirrel  running around and hiding its nuts,  first time I have ever seen one. I hope to see more as he/she looked cute. Kind regards miss m.smith  


A white squirrel was seen in trees next to KFC in the Leigh Park Havant shopping centre on 31/8/20.  Jason Cupit. 


I saw a white squirrel near the bottom of Milton Park Portsmouth where Milton Road and Goldsmith Avenue meet there is a path opposite the park near the beginning of the path it was in the bushes on the left of the path. I at the time did not realise the significance of the sighting and did not observe the eye colour.  Nathanael Poffley  


We saw a white squirrel at Milton, Portsmouth skate park on 28th, so amazing as was only talking about probaly never seeing one 5 minutes before

Danielle Richardson  


I saw a white squirrel in Milton Park (Portsmouth) on a very early morning dog walk last Saturday (16th May 2020) I regularly walk through this park but this is the first time I have seen a white squirrel! Cath Isaac .  Another was in Kingstone Cemetery on 19th.  Sean O'Reilly 


I spotted a white squirrel yesterday morning in the grounds where I live.  It was side on so I couldn't see the colour of the eyes. I live in PO4.  Kerry Johnson 


We spotted a white squirrel in Purbrook on Saturday of last week 11th april.  Tasha Louise 


Just spotted this rarity whilst out exercising in Elizabeth Road Waterlooville on 7th April.. Never seen one before and didn’t know just how rare they are in the UK.


I saw a white squirrel today and google has landed me here!  I work on the Delme Place business park in Cams Hill, Fareham. There’s a long road leading in and I saw it in the trees at about 7am.

(See 26 Jan report for an earlier report from this site JG)

Philip Evans



Hi I saw I white squirrel up at the end of Waterlooville ages ago and today (29th Feb 2020) up at the golf course on the corner near the club house at  10.30,  people didn't believe me till I showed them the pic ,this is not the first time I have seen  "him" .. Derek Clarke

We saw a white or albino squirrel near the Cams Hill Estate (in the woods on the Fareham Creek Trail) the day after Sarah Gilroy spotted one on the estate. Probably around 11am on Sunday 26 January 2020. I'm not sure any of us knew of white squirrels so we assumed it was albino. . Pete Jeffery



Just to report I saw an albino squirrel on the Cams Hall Estate, Fareham today. Time was approx 11.50 am. 25th Jan 2020.  Sarah Gilroy



I see you have a separate section on your website for reports on white squirrels.  I saw one in Sandy Dell, Purbrook this afternoon (20/1/20).  Terry Smith


I stumbled across your Web page today after looking up Albino Squirrels.  I thought I'd report my sighting to you from today(20/1/20),  

This little one was seen by me near Portsmouth Golf Course at lunch time. Kind regards, Jo 




 This is a picture (click on it to see it full size) of a white squirrel taken in my back garden in Brent Court, (off Beach Road) Emsworth on 11 December 2019. It is still here today 16th December. Bill Dawes


  A white squirrel was photographed in the  Portsmouth University Union building grounds on 10/11/19.  Jane Kitchin


   Saw a white squirrel in my Emsworth garden on 30th October.  Haven't seen one before and I wondered how rare it is?   

Hannah Hares 


There was a white squirrel in the Portsmouth Museum area on 28th & 29th.  (Amy Sullivan)


A white squirrel was seen in a Denmead garden on 25th & 26th Oct by Linda Whelan.  Presumably the same squirrel as in the report below


25th October 2019

This afternoon while working in our garden in Denmead I saw a white squirrel in one of our oak trees. The garden backs onto a field and there is woodland opposite the house. The squirrels are very active at the moment burying acorns in the lawn etc and are seen all year round. Seeing a white squirrel was a magic moment!

Linda (Barnes)



I’m a violin teacher at a school in Waterlooville/Purbrook and I am absolutely convinced I saw a white squirrel this morning at the school! It certainly looked like it and it ran up a tree. I’m sure it had a bushy tail, squirrel size.  Anyway, thought I would report it as a possible sighting!   Molly   (By JG - I'm guessing this is more Purbrook than Waterlooville)



Today at 08:30 on Museum Road roundabout in Southsea I spotted the rare white squirrel coming out of the bush. This is the roundabout directly outside of the Grammar School which leads on to Gunwharf Quays. Ben   18th Sept 2019




A white squirrel with black eyes was seen in Kingston    Cemetery Portsmouth on 13th July 1029.  Kelly Newell



I spotted a white (presumably albino) squirrel in Ravelin Park, Portsmouth, this morning, near the area set aside for wildlife that runs alongside Landport Terrace. It was feeding on the ground with a normal coloured grey squirrel, then climbed up a tree. Regards, Samantha Penny 17 jun 2019.   Probvably the same one as seen on 13th.



We live in Southsea, quite near to Elm Grove and the little wildlife area on Gloucester Terrace, and Ravelin park. A white squirrel, who looks like a true albino, arrived in our garden on 13th for the first time that I have seen him;  returned today and we were ready with the camera and got some pretty good  shots.  (click for pictures.)  (report by Gill Christy)




There was a white squirrel at Canal Walk Milton Portsmouth on 13th May 2019


A white squirrel was seen sat on a fence post at the junction of  Crookhorn Lane and College Road by Portsmouth golf course on 8th March 2019.

Pete & Helen Hatton



Saw an albino squirrel in a cemetery in Portsmouth on 27th Feb 2019.  (Caroline Evans) 




My friend spotted a white squirrel on Richmond Road in Southsea this morning at 10 am.   

I thought I would submit this record on his behalf.  Kind regards,  Suzanne. Jenkins




I have seen the same albino squirrel on my way to school, this is in Ireland Way near Purbrook junior school.  Yeetus TheMemeus  27th Nov 2018




Spotted white squirrel on 15th Dec 2018 ,at about 2:15pm,along the path that runs along the southern edge of Crookhorn Golf Course.

Regards Jeff Whibrow



I saw a white squirrel today in Albany road Portsmouth. I didn’t realise how rare they were till I got home. I managed to take a picture although it’s not great you can see the squirrel. Regards David Lawson. 10 Nov 2018.


I spotted a white squirrel a couple of days ago. (3 nov) It was crossing Elizabeth Road Waterlooville near the Mill Road end heading towards the housing estate.  First one I have seen for a few years since spotting two or three in the small park area at Ladybride Road.

One for the record perhaps.

Martin Scheel




I spotted a white squirrel in Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth yesterday morning. I thought it might be fairly rare (I certainly have never seen a white squirrel?). I wish I’d stopped and actually tried to take some better pictures, but I was on the move and just enjoyed watching it whilst passing.

 Best  Denise Banks  20th October 2018



One here in Southsea Seen 9th october.KenJohnson.



I am emailing to report a sighting of a white squirrel in Southsea, Portsmouth. The squirrel was spotted today (08.09.2018) at 16.30 running up a tree on Southsea common, opposite the Queens Hotel on Clarence Parade.

Kind regards  George Fry

Saw a white squirrel today just off of St John's road Purbrook in a pine tree near our garden. Absolutely gorgeous.  Seen again on 18th Sept 2018when it was confirmed it is an albino.  Julie Hodge.



A white squirrel was seen in Portsmouth town centre on  18/06/2018 at 05:30.  Kay Smith,

There was a white squirrel on east Portsdown on 17th.  Louise Baverstock.



White squirrel lives in Widley, Waterlooville. Checked through binoculars and it has red eyes. Very cute!  

Kind regards, Rachel & Chris 



Just seen a white squirrel in  my garden in Purbrook PO7 area. Couldn’t get a decent photo but will try if I see him again. First one we’ve had in the garden for 20 years!   Regards Susan Richardson 15/02/18  Susan managed to get her photo on 27 april!


I saw a white squirrel this morning on my way to work.  I was driving from my home in Waterlooville to Havant along Hulbert Road and it was at the edge of the wooded area, just before the Havant ASDA . It was sat there happily holding something in its paws and munching away. It looked a little scruffy, a little dirty but it was definitely white. 

Kind regards Claire Piper



I have just seen a white squirrel whilst driving home along the Hubert road in bedhampton just behind b & q couldn't believe it until I googled it when I got home and found I wasn't the only one.  Karen from cowplain




At about 15:30 23rd January 2018, we saw what looked like an albino squirrel. A white bushy tail and a bright red/ pink eye. It was in Hulbert Road on the Asda side. We were so shocked to see it. 

Lucy W

I saw a white squirrel today, Monday 22nd January 2018 at about 10am, walking alongside the Hulbert Road in Havant . It was on the west side of the road.  Tracy Buckley

Just seen an albino squirrel down the Hulbert Road (Havant) on the side of the road looking for food , was quite surprised as not seen one before! Had quite distinctive pink eyes!  

Mia Burley - Bedhampton 22/01/2018




John – my wife and I have both watched the same white squirrel as Jane Powell (See below), in the trees adjacent to the Pembroke Bowling Club. It’s definitely an albino, as it clearly has pink eyes. We’ve got a few photos and a couple of videos of it.


Paul Birdseye 19/01/18



We have a white squirrel living in the copse behind our house in Lovedean. We’ve been here 5 weeks and spotted him 4 times already. Quite a friendly fella/girl.  Sue Telford 19 Jan 2018


My husband and I saw an albino squirrel as we were driving into the Waitrose car-park in Waterlooville ton 6th Jan 2018.  

It was clambering along the branches of an oak tree that over hangs the School playground. Regards,  Bridget Tipper



I saw a white squirrel trying to cross the B2150 Hulbert Road just north of the roundabout with Purbrook Way north of Havant on Saturday 30th Dec, about 11 am.  Never seen one before and when I told my wife who was not in the car at the time she gave me that ‘ had you been drinking look’  Regards  Mark Waring



A white squirrel was in my back garden near to Fort Purbrook on 28th December. it was chased off by a couple of grey and headed towards the Crookhorn golf course.  Alan Bowie

Just done a long Christmas Day walk along the seafront in Southsea Portsmouth and walked back by the Garrison Church and saw a white squirrel at the base of a tree and when it sensed us it ran up saw it x 3 but not quick enough to take a photo sorry.

Maggie Darling




Hi, saw 3 white squirrels today in Purbrook Waterlooville. 1 in main picture, 1 in the back ground and 1 in the hedge. I'm guessing this is rare to see 3.  Paul Wilkinson.  [I can only confidently find 2 of them.  JG]




Spotted white squirrel in old Portsmouth – just next to the bowling green.  A real pleasure to see. Jane Powell 4-12-17



Sorry no picture I’m afraid but  one albino squirrel spotted at the Southsea bowling green on Pembroke park road. Ran up a tree before being chased by a couple of greys.   

Regards  Dawn Taylor 3rd Dec 2017



My daughter saw a white squirrel in the grounds of her school, Oaklands Catholic School and Sixth Form, Waterlooville, Hampshire, a few weeks ago.  Philip Moore 3 Nov 2017



Just seen a white squirrel in my garden at Widley Sarah Nolan 22nd Oct 2017


Hi there, today while walking through Kingston cemetery my husband noticed a white squirrel. We managed to get quite close and noticed it had red eyes too. After researching a little we've come to realise that they are quite rare and thought you may be interested.  Regards,  Maria Fallon.



Today (27th Sept 2107) at Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth I spotted an albino squirrel!   Rosie Barker


I have spotted a white squirrel in Portsea area, just behind York Place. Thought you might like to know. 

Kind regards John  Tennant  03/09/2017


I saw a beautiful white squirrel on The Dale this morning in Widley .  We used to see one a few years ago but none for a long time.   

Kind regards  Lisa  20th August 2017



Spotted one this evening (24/7/17) in my garden in Warfield Crescent Waterlooville.  . Amazing sight! Pauline Spinks



Thought I was seeing a grey squirrel in some sort of light refraction six months ago and only got a short viewing.but happy to say I saw it again today.i live in southsea in a flat next to the cockelshell community centre and there it was sitting on the fence right under my balcony the time I got something photographic in my hand it had gone....I now have my phone....iPad....and camera on its tripod hoping for a return visit...waiting in hope to see this amazing animal again.  6th July   tony lieghio <>

Regards tony..7th May 2017



Saw this white squirrel yesterday in Kingston cemetery (Portsmouth) while visiting loved ones,never seen a White squirrel before what a lovely creature B-)   Evie 24th June 2017.



One on 6th June at St.Peter's school near Waterlooville. My guess it was albino because seeing it close up i noticed it's red eyes.  John ja r <>

In Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth, I have seen an Albino squirrel twice this week. I know they are rare and there are only about 50 in the wild, the last sighting of one in Portsmouth was in Milton near to where I live in 2016. I know the exact location in the cemetery and the tree it lives in, it seems to live with other grey squirrels and all are friendly. I have photos and videos of the albino if it would interest you to see them, and I thought to let you know that there is another one in the Portsmouth area alongside the Milton sighting in 2016. Kind regards, Alice Wilson 19th may 2017





Just came across your page by chance. We spotted a white squirrel in the Kingston cemetery in Portsmouth at the beginning of January.


Thought you might like these photos taken from my kitchen window at home. Every day without fail this squirrel  arrives in my garden and lands on bird table. Loves peanut butter on bread. He or she will sit looking at me. Last year carried a baby in his mouth but was off before I could film him.  The grey squirrels come too and play chase with the white ones.  Anne Hibberd   Spur Road  Waterlooville  22nd Jan 2017


  click on these to see them full size


Hi saw a white squirrel in crookhorn near Waterlooville today first time ever  Regards Diane Tull   21st Jan 2017



Just seen this white squirrel sitting in tree outside my house in Holly Drive Waterlooville. Anna Hewitt 14 jan2017


I spotted an albino squirrel with the red eyes showing clearly in HMS Nelson wardroom gardens on Queens street Portsmouth.

Bernie Quinn 10th November 2016.



Just dropped my daughter off at Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville and we saw a white squirrel at the treeline between the school bus stops on the drive and St Peters School next door.

Regards  Dan B




On 11th September 2016 a white squirrel was present in the Cunningham Road area of Waterlooville.  (Sarah Jackson)


Hello, whilst my son was looking for Pokemon at Kingston cemetery behind Kingston prison in Portsmouth today he spotted an albino squirrel. From Lisa Fothergill, Copnor. 


Hi I saw 2 white squirrels in the woodland behind the park in Elizabeth Road, Waterlooville on Sunday 12th june. Managed to get photos and a video. Was lovely to see as I've never seen one before let alone 2!

Regards Marie Anderson  


Clarendon Road. Southsea  

albino squirrel   1  16th May  Chasing other squirrels. Made a bird like noise. Sheena Davies



I've spotted an albino squirrel today(14 may 2016)  in Malvern Park near Clarence Road in Southsea Hampshire, as others did before me according to your website!   Pauline Rochette  


Emma Rex photographed this squirrel in Waterlooville in April2016 (Click on the picture to see it full size.)



My wife and I saw a white squirrel on Sunday the 20th of March 2016 at the junction of Malvern Road and Villiers Road, Southsea.  I understand that to see one is rare? He was quite tame and it allowed my wife to get within about 6 feet of it.  Kind regards Dave Garfield  


Seen many times at Waterloo School, but never when the children at school.  On sunny days can be seen sitting on the roof of the school, or chasing its grey relatives around the park and playground.  Nicknamed 'Frosty'.  Annette Webb  Jan 5th 2016. 


I regularly see a white squirrel in Malvern Park, off Clarendon Road, Southsea.  But I am told that there is a family of three living in one of the trees there, so I may not be seeing the same one each time (most days).  Certainly very pretty and much more tame than their grey brothers.  Marion Wenden 4.1.2016  Also seen by Pat Earl and Fay Durant.

On 30th Dec a white squirrel was seen in Clarendon Gardens Southsea by Uta Cobley.


I saw a white squirrel on Dec 27th 2015 while waking my dog in Johnstone's coppice Waterlooville. Lehann Richardson.



I have lived in Waterlooville for 16 years  – my back garden is surrounded by trees and we see grey squirrels daily, however, in 16 years I have never seen a white squirrel until today.  I watched it for 2-3 minutes but when I went to get my camera it scampered off – hopefully to return again soon.  It appeared to be in good condition and was a very clean white colour, making me thing it was albino, but I couldn’t get a picture or determine what colour eyes it had.  I will keep you posted if I see it again or get a picture.  Regards  Pete Lydford.



Hi, my son lives at Woodsedge Waterlooville down at the Sorrel close end. He has frequently seen a pure white  squirrel in the woods between him and the Am. 


Dave Bennett 


We have a white squirrel visiting our garden in Waterlooville in Hampshire  August 2015. Linda Gooderham. 


Spotted an albino squirrel on Frogmore lane today  (17th Aug 2015) Jade Powell


 I spotted a white squirrel in Horndean two days ago (25th May). He/she ran across the road and up a tree. 

Gemma Hill  


Graham Petrie photographed an albino squirrel in Southsea on the corner of Villiers Road on 10th Feb 2015.


A lady in Parkhouse Farm Way, Havant saw an albino squirrel in her back garden on 20th Jan 2015.  Tracy Hester


I have never seen a white squirrel until today. I googled it and stumbled across your blog. I was driving through Southwick Park (Hants) and one ran across the road. Was gob smacked, beautiful little creature.

Regards Warren


Have seen a white squirrel today as I left Southwick Park golf course- it was pure white and a surprise as have never seen one before.

Tuesday 28 October 2014.  Elisabeth Quinton



An albino squirrel was seen at 11.00am on 22nd September 2014  burying acorns in Victoria Park Portsmouth (L Wilkinson)


Just wanted to let you know that we spotted a white squirrel in our garden today around 09.30am (11 June 2014)  We are in Leigh Park, Havant

Thanks  Lesley Wenham


Just wanted to let you know that we spotted a white squirrel in our garden today around 09.30am (11 June 2014) We are in Leigh Park, Havant 

Thanks Lesley 


Two white squirrels were photographed in Jubilee Park Waterlooville on 29th May 2014.  Probably the same squirrels that appeared in a Times picture on 25th.  (Click for a picture)


I saw a beautiful white squirrel at the back of the Portsmouth Guildhall this evening (23 April) at about 6:00 pm.  It was close to the railway track, by the University buildings, sitting on a fence, but fled as I pulled my camera out.  Nick Langford  Havant



i saw a white squirrel near the bins round the back of one of the university buildings, at the turning circle, near guildhall square, portsmouth, map link =,-1.0949004,20z   Graham Sometime Soon (!)




Me (hannah)23 and my son William (15months) saw this white albino squirrel this morning in our back garden holly drive Waterlooville. Hannah Thresher 19th March 2014



Today whilst walking the dog, my husband saw an albino squirrel in the copse at the rear of Holly Drive Waterlooville.

We will try to get a photo of this and IF successful will forward you a copy. Yours sincerely  Jane Franklin  28 Feb 2014



Just saw a white squirrel in the town centre of Portsmouth. As my train went past the back of the guildhall there was one running along the window ledges.  Barry McNally  Isle I Wight



Hi John, there are 3 white squirrels that visit the garden where I live in Southsea. I was amazed to see them all together in the garden. Pauline Hopkins 23rd Dec 2013.

Had a good, close-up view of a healthy-looking white squirrel on Frogmore Lane, Lovedean this morning -18th June 2013.. (I have not seen one there for months until now).  

Best wishes,  Katie   Mann

Working on the FX onboard HMS Diamond this morning about 0900 I came across a white squirrel. It jumped off the ship onto the jetty (in the Portsmouth Naval Base) about 20 feet down. I first thought it might have been a flying squirrel, as it jumped it opened its front legs out to the sides slowing its decent but looking at pictures online I am pretty sure it wasn’t.  Regards  LS AWW Perrett   3rd June 2013.

I just spotted a white squirrel from my office building, inhabiting a metal cage full of bin bags in the park behind the Portsmouth Guildhall! It was quite spectacular to see!   Best regards,  Emily Scott   23rd Jan 2013

Saw a white squirrel today (16th January) from the train as it was stopped at Portsmouth and Southsea station. It was in a tree behind one of buildings near the Guildhall.  Best regards,  Thomas Hall


Staying in Holiday Inn (Southsea - see below) and spotted white squirrel running across grass & up a tree opposite, so looking at previous posts it looks like one is living in this area, opposite the Hol inn. 11:00 am 26/12/12

Happy New year!! :-)  Brgds,  Mike  Reed.

Our garden backs onto the woodland that runs between Phillip Road and the lake/reservoir along Elizabeth Road in Waterlooville/Purbrook. We are very fortunate to have two White Squirrels who live here as well as many Greys. I always have a daily supply of nuts (and now sultanas as they appear to be a favourite!) in the garden for them and our garden is very rarely squirrel free between 9am – 3pm! 

In regard to the mentioned Whites, the slightly larger of the two is a daily visitor and is not bothered if l am sat in the garden when he (or she) arrives, in fact he has even ventured to the back door when l was an hour late putting out the feast! I have attached some lovely pictures of him for you. These were all taken in our back garden. 

The other White is very slightly smaller and only has half a tail! He isn't such a regular visitor but has been around more often over the last couple of weeks. He also isn’t as easy to photograph as he is a lot more nervous and shy in comparison! 

All the squirrels that visit us are very amusing and definitely pleasant timewasters! 

Regards  Lisa Cole

Friday 22nd February

On our walk today we met a white squirrel routing slowly through the undergrowth in our nearest “bluebell” wood below Upham village, Hampshire.  He had a beautiful fluffy tail and was unfazed by our approach;  he just gazed up at us, under our feet, with his pink eyes (he was that close) and then carried on with his explorations.  Unfortunately we did not have our camera with us but we could have taken some wonderful close-up pictures. 

Best wishes, John and Margaret Barmby

From Bishop’s Waltham

There was a white squirrel in our Portsdown garden last week (picture right) and again on 13th Nov.  JG




A white squirrel was on the small piece of land near Pier Rd Southsea—opposite the Holiday Inn this week.  w/e 15th Oct 2012.  This animal was seen again in w/e 18th Nov 2012.

20th September 2012:  White squirrel sighted again in Frogmore Lane, Lovedean on Tuesday  - (not seen it for a while).  Katie Mann


14th September 2012:  I work at Southdowns College, Crookhorn Hampshire and saw a white squirrel on the path next to the college (on college road) going into the woods. This was this evening at 6:30 - nearly crashed my car trying to see what it was!  Dan Jeram

Just to let you know I saw an albino squirrel climbing a tree at Southwick yesterday right outside the defence police training school otherwise known as the old HMS Dryad base    Best wishes,  Joanne Hipkiss  11 Apr 2013

1st September 2012 Just seen a white squirrel just by Norfolk Street in Southsea!  Gemma Noakes

Whilst walking out this morning with my wife, Ingrid and our Border Collie, Rosie we spotted a white squirrel having fun in Jubilee Park, Waterlooville at about 0620.  It looked like a fairly young one, playing with a few grey ones.  Thanks  Iain McAllister-Derry 28th May 2012

My wife and I spotted a white squirrel from our lounge window in trees along Frogmore Lane, Horndean Hampshire at 8.40 this morning [3 april 2012 Regards, Liam and Chrissy

White squirrel  1 was running from tree to tree Victoria Park Portsmouth   14,03 ,12 Chris Brown


White squirrel  one   Horndean  Hampshire 05.02.2012  I have done a video of the pictures, not brilliant photos I'm afraid, had the wrong lens! I know there are a pair of them so I hope to be back with more! This is the link.....  Penny Plimmer



2 Feb 2012

Just to let you know that the white squirrel is being seen very regularly on Frogmore Lane in Horndean. Yesterday, one was fully stretched out on the trunk of a tree basking dreamily and sunning itself. There is another one but we only occasionally two at once.  Katie Mann

One white squirrel was in Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth am on 15th November 2011.   Chris Lee


I have just seen an albino squirrel sitting in a tree on Frogmore Lane, Horndean hants.  Katie Mann 12 Oct 2011.   This is easily the most northerly local sighting I have heard of.  JG

White squirrel in Sandy Dell again this morning.  A local resident informed me that there are three there.  Adele 31 Oct 2011.

I can’t guarantee the truth of reports that are three at Sandy Dell but I saw with my own eyes two there this morning happily foraging alongside two greys. Adele 7th Nov.

 Albino grey squirrel  31/10/11   15:00  Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth  surprised to see it chase a grey squirrel.  A green woodpecker was seen today.  Chris lee

I am not sure you need this info. I first reported seeing one several weeks ago in the same place - and I see from your Newletters that you are getting other sightings of more  in other areas.  Anyway, I thought I would send to you again, just in case it is of interest...   Katie Mann  22 Nov 2011.


Saw white squirrel in my back garden Couple of months ago. Rushed to get my camera but it was gone when I returned. I live in Southport Northwest England.  Submitted Dec 2014 by Paul Whelan.


white squirrel in Blackpool 16/17th August 2013.  Jill Webster -


Yesterday 15th in Lincoln in our back garden we had a white squirrel living in one off our trees .  'nikcarpmadkelly' 


My friend and myself have just (7th May 2020) seen a white squirrel in Navenby, Lincolnshire while out walking In the woods!

I googled them and came across your website! I have sent you the pictures!   

Thanks, Andy Waters and Alice Hayes



I live in Louth, Lincolnshire and my husband has today spotted a white squirrel in the wooded area behind our house! He looked at the pictures and says it was white and had black eyes, so not an albino. It was slightly bigger than the gray squirrel it was chasing and had a big white fluffy tail!!  

Catherine Burton-Rayer 


We’ve spotted a white squirrel in Norwood, London. Seems to he well established. Lives in a tree near the house.  George Seed 22.12.2020 


We spotted a pure white squirrel yesterday (14/11/2020) approx. 14:30 on Strawberry Lane, Carshalton, SM5. Cassia Winson. 


Hi i spotted this albino squirrel  just outside my flat in West norwood london on 12th June 2020. Darren K 


Hiya, we spotted a white squirrel frolicking in flower beds and up trees with two grey squirrels in a garden by Farquhar Road, Crystal Palace, London today - a sunny spring afternoon - 1 March 2020.  

Elisa McGarry 




Found on the 6th of November in Gunnersbury park Acton London.

I was so shocked I didn't get my phone out quick enough to get a decent photo. 

Apologies David Abrahams



Spotted my first albino squirrel this morning (11 October 2019) on this fringes of Chislehurst Golf Club.  Regards,  Alan Green

After spotting a white grey squirrel in Beddington Park Sutton, close to a footpath in the vicinity of the church. I mentioned the sighting afterwards to a dog walker and she said a white grey squirrel - presumably not the same animal - has also been seen in the nearby Grove Park. Both leucistic and albino white squirrels have been seen at times in various parts of the UK; though it's difficult to be certain, from my photo I think this one was an albino ie its eyes look more pink than black to me. Mr A Haworth-Roberts  12th October 2018

A white squirrel is a frequent visitor in my garden in South East London (Crystal Palace)  (Michael Dalzell)  Mar 18


They are commonly sited in the Crystal Palace area of south London, particularly Farquhar Road and South Norwood.   

From my own sightings (twice a couple of months ago, once last year), they are albinos, and the regular spots on local Facebook group pages bare this out. 

Simon Bainbridge .  13th Dec 2017

A white squirrel was seen in WANDSWORTH cemetery  nicking some flowers of some graves

I've never seen one before -  tried to take picture - by the time I'd got the phone out it had gone   Alan Morris

Spotted in Earlsfield London. Magdalen rd cemetery.  Tina Green 26 Feb 2017.


Hi we saw a large white squirrel (with black eyes) on Sunday 30th October whilst walking through Earlsfield Cemetery London SW18. Given its unearthly appearance, the location and the proximity of the date to Halloween we thought at first that it might be a squirrel ghost!  Kate Eaton

A white squirrel is living at the back of our gardens - seen often in one of 4 gardens. Beautiful and rare sight! Eileen Peach  London sw2  Feb 2015




I just saw a white squirrel in west Dulwich, London next to the train tracks.  Thanks   Sophie  Lowe



White squirrel spotted in  Upper Norwood SE19 1QW at 07.10 this morning   Mark lewis

10th September 2012: 

Saw a very friendly white squirrel in Brunswick park SE5 London this morning. No picture I am afraid I have not been to the park for ages so don’t know how often he is there but will go back and report further..and take my camera.   Clare Magness

I saw one today in my garden in Belmont Sutton SM2 5NR if this helps.   Kind Regards   Shaun Price  23 Aug 2012

Mark Nourse managed to get a distant shot of a white squirrel in Cheam on 1st May.


My wife and I saw a white squirrel in Brockhall Northants on 10 October 2023
Martyn Smythe-Hudson



I saw a white squirrel in our garden on the morning of Thursday 9th November.  I live in Duston, Northampton and it is the first time I have ever seen a white squirrel.   

Regards Michael Bell

My husband saw a white squirrel in our garden , 9th November 2017, today in Duston Northampton . It was being chased by crows.  .Eileen Bull

Hi my husband and I have also just seen a white squirrel in our garden in Bromham Bedford MK43 8SP.  Julie Pryle 2/07/2017



I spotted an Albino Squirrel in my back garden in Northampton, I didn't think much of it until I looked it up on the internet!


Don't know whether you are the right person to report to but I saw an albino squirrel today - being chased by a grey squirrel - in the garden of my partner's house in Nottingham - NG35DF - don't know if that's of any interest to anybody but I understand they are pretty rare (very pretty!). 

Regards  Bryan Ruskin


I spotted a white squirrel today (3rd Nov 2017) at Berrywood hospital in Duston Northampton. It was running around the car park. I tried to photograph it but it was very quick. My dad watched it while I went for my treatment. He said it had pink eyes. The nurse said it is a regular visitor and she has a photo, which may be better, if you need one.



A white squirrel was seen in Berwick on Tweed in the week ending 17th June 2017.  Agnes MS


I saw a pure white squirrel on Stewart Avenue, Narborough, Leicestershire LE19 near a small woodland on Friday 27th August 06.45am. Really wonderful and privileged  to see.  Kind Regards  Emma Chalmers



Spotted a white squirrel at Foxton Locks  Leicestershire today, 8.11.2020.

Kind regards Jaque



Spotted white squirrel today 5th February in the trees behind our house in Narborough, Leicestershire. Gone before time to photograph.

Doug Graham.


A white squirrel photographed on 24th Nov 2020 was probably not an albino as it’s eyes didn’t seem red. This was running about in a field opposite us in Dunchurch Warwickshire Christine Bailey


Hi John

I have seen a white squirrel twice and a friend saw a family of 4 about a month ago in the same place.  It was near Draycote Warwickshire. The one I saw was very white and bushy tailed

Regards   James Walker 20 Jan 2014.


Hi John just seen white squirrel in Hull Park near me you can see it's drey in trees at Hu9 1SZ amazing 20th March 2022.


A completely white squirrel ran across the road earlier today while we were in the Forge Valley, just outside East Ayton in North Yorkshire. It didn’t have pink eyes and seemed like it was doing well for itself as it was a decent size. We didn’t realise how rare they are otherwise we would have tried to take a picture!  Regards Hayley Garnett



A white squirrel was seen at Lennoxlove Estate Haddington East Lothian on 16th February 2021. Irene Herkes



Hello John ; I would like to confirm the white squirrels in Edinburgh West .. there are at least two white squirrels in Barnton EH4 .I have seen the pair together in a particular patch of woodland they seem to favour. Also not far away in Saughton (park) white squirrels  appear frequently in the photos of the Friends of Saughton Group.  

Will let you know if more crop up.  

Best wishes Jim Rayner 26th Jan 2021



Just a quick note spotted a white squirrel today just outside Haddington , East Lothian , around Amisfield Walled Garden Kind Regards Steven  


Central Scotland

White squirrel with grey tail seen today 12 th October 2020. It ran across track.  My dog chased it  it went up a tree I think.   Joyce Merry 


Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo but I saw a white squirrel in Kirkliston West Lothian Scotland on Monday (7/09/2020)morning . Are there many spotted in this part of the country ?  Shirley Kilgallon


We have  been watching this family of squirrels now for some time .  We started by putting nuts below the tree they were always on.

This afternoon we were amazed to see this white squirrel appear in front of  us on the ground. The white squirrel has a touch of silver grey along its tail has just appeared from nowhere. It wasn't there last year.   William Howard Dalmellington.



 I spotted a white squirrel today one day in Edinburgh where I live (Murrayfield/Gorgie area). I will keep an eye and try to get some photos if possible. A very rare sighting so I believe?!  Kind Regards,  Darragh ODonovan




My daughter spotted a white squirrel today 6/12 in our garden in Cramond Edinburgh.  It had ad pink eyes so was most likely an albino?   

It may be related or the same one spotted recently about a mile away in Barnton near the A90 / Whitehouse Rd/ 

Regards  Phil







Pictured: Trio of rare albino squirrels spotted in Edinburgh garden

A resident in Barnton was left feeling rather squirrely after spotting what could be a family of albino rodents in his back garden.

Copied from Edinburgh Evening News. 5 July 2019




I haven't actually seen one, but I have spoken to two people in the last few days who have seen a white squirrel on more than one occasion in and around Springwood Retirement Village at Kelso in the Scottish Borders. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled as that is the wooded area where I frequently walk with my dogs.  Lena Anderson  20 Oct 2018




The white squirrel in Eliburn, West Lothian, Livingston was seen again on 28th Jan 2018. sooo cool. :)   

Let me know if you have any questions!  Lisa Pearson 



White squirrel spotted in our garden in Eliburn Livingston West Lothian Scotland today Monday 6th November 2017 thus is not the first time that we have spotted the white squirrel but today was the first time that we managed to photograph it.  Ronald Craig



Hi thought I would share this with you as I had the great opportunity to see a white squirrel in Edinburgh today (26th Sept 2017), beautiful. Debbie Philips


Saw a white squirrel in a tree in our garden yesterday. Googled and came across your page.  Didn't manage a pic but will keep an eye for an opportunity. I am in North Berwick.  Cath Currie  June 2017



Hi there, not been able to get a photo yet but we have a white (? albino) squirrel living in small wooded area close to our house in Livingston. We've seen it almost daily for the past month.  Regards   Pat Bamford




Just a quick message to let you know that myself and my partner spotted a white squirrel today in Deans in Livingston, West Lothian. 17 dec 2016             Many thanks  Linsey McEwan


Hi just wanted to let you know my family and I spotted a white squirrel  at Livingston in Scotland  a week ago,  tried to get a photo but we're not quick enough. Was amazing to see though.  Hugh Callaghan April 2016



I had a white Squirrel in my garden today at 8am 3/10/15 in Marshfield Grove, the Blackball area of Edinburgh. It looked amazing, I tried to get a picture but it ran off too quickly Adam Dzierzek (Edinburgh)

Just a quick note to let you know that I saw my first ever white squirrel in Edinburgh on Saturday January 5th 2012. It was in the gardens in a block of flats in the Barnton district of Edinburgh.  Cheers  Jackie McCabe    [Another Scottish record - and they have red ones as well!]



We saw a white squirrel in Polmont, Falkirk central Scotland. Between Montrose Road and Taymouth road, on the morning of the 11th Nov 2012

Regards,   Graeme  Webb.     

Unfortunately, no photo, but I've just seen a white squirrel foraging beneath a large copper beech near my home in Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland.  Best wishes  Linda Hummell 1st Feb 2011


We have seen the white squirrel on three occasions in Gilwern South Wales the last sighting was just a few days ago photograph was taken but very blurred, will try again when we next see him .  Carol Howells

A gorgeous white squirrel is living at the bottom of a South Wales garden -Gabrielle Williams





One of my friends has spotted an Albino Squirrel in Gilwern, Monmouthshire. Nov 2016 Lianne Walters



White squirrel in Gilwern abergavenny. Nov 2015.  (Tania Cleveland)




Hi , I saw white squirrel in KENILWORTH Cape Town on 30th March at 8.00 , Mike



I have a cute little white squirrel in my back yard in Huntsville, Alabama.  He’s pretty quick and shy, and high up in the tree, I can’t get him with my cell phone, I can’t get a picture.  At first I thought I was crazy.  But, today April 20, 2013 I watched him for a while...amazing, absolutely amazing. he is a bit fussy.   E Mail from dryalstone.


Hi I saw a white squirrel in Kenilworth Cape Town South Africa couldn't snap it for you as I was en route somewhere.  

I don't know much about squirrels but the ones we have over here are predominantly grey so assume it is an albino. I couldn't get a closer look at any defining features a pleasant surprise non the less. Dale Hoff

















white squirrel in Blackpool 16/17th August 2013


Adele Mallows pictures on 30th April in Purbrook.


This is Michael Kozdon's picture from Gloucester 18 March 2012.

A sleepy white squirrel at Lovedean Hampshire - 2 Mar



Chris Sutton's November 2011 pictures taken in Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth



white squireel in my garden  A white squirrel in my own garden in February 2010.  White squirrel at Sandy Dell Another at Sandy dell Purbrook at the end of October 2011.  Phot by Adele Mallows


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