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  Pictures on this page are thumb-nailed.  Click on them to see the full size image.

If you have pictures that you think would look good on these web pages I would be happy to see them and probably publish them here.  Send them as attachments to an e mail to john@havantnature.net.  It helps me if the file name is changed to 'species - your name'.  That way I won't use your picture in future without giving proper credits.  Thanks in anticipation.

Early purple orchids and other Butser flowers


Green winged orchids at Gunner Point in April



the first picture is by Andrew Powling.  My picture shows a pale version .



Long Tailed Tits Nest


  Adele Mallows picture taken at the end of March.  Sadly the nest was later destroyed by a cat. 


Nore Barn shanks


Wood blewit at Nore Barn

Seen on 4th Jan 2017   - photographed on my phone


In a Clanfield garden - Oct 2017

A wasp spider and a digger wasp in Mike Berry's Clanfield garden



  Deaths head hawkmoth at Blendworth in July.


Thorn Apple at Havant Station

Photos taken by Adele Mallows


Mid July on Portsdown

Bastard toadflax, clustered bellflower and lesser centaury.


A Walk into W Sussex


The first two pictures are moschatel then primroses, ransoms, small tortoiseshell, common dog violet and a white violet (?Sweet violet)


The Langstone Pond Water Rail on 22nd Feb


Southsea Gulls on 18th Jan 2016


These two pictures by Peter Hogan are of a first winter Iceland gull and a glaucous gull - at Southsea on the same day!


Ichneumon stradentarius

Seen in a Portsdown house on 15th July.


Buff tip moth in a Denmead garden

Picture by Steve Frampton



Portsdown 13th may 2015


Early gentian pictured by Richard Jones and an old lady moth.


Butser Hill Walk 13th May 2015


1. Among the orchids.  2 & 3 early purple orchids  4. Herb Paris. 5 Dryads saddle  6. Around the fungus.



Bee-flies in a Clanfield garden.

Pictures taken by Mike Berry of a dark-bordered and a dotted bee-fly in April..

Stansted Fungi


Pictures taken on 14th November.  I think they are  parasols, an unidentified bracket and yellow brain.


Geophylus Sp on Portsdown

A myriapod that lives underground or in damp leaf litter that had been disturbed by conservation volunteer raking.



Buzzards over Portsdown