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I have recorded the following species in Compartment 4.

Taxon Vernacular Quantity Date Stage Status Comment
Viola hirta subsp. calcarea Hairy Violet 12 29-Mar-04 Flowering Established
Orobanche minor Common Broomrape -4 23-May-07 Flowering Not recorded
Cupido minimus Small Blue 1 25-May-07 Adult Not recorded
Anguidae slow worms 2 14-Apr-04 Adult Not recorded
Lacerta vivipara Viviparous Lizard 1 14-Apr-04 Adult Not recorded
Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell 1 14-Apr-04 Adult Not recorded
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone 6 14-Apr-04 Adult Established
Polygalaceae Milkwort family 50 05-May-04 Flowering Established
Primula veris Cowslip 20 10-May-04 Flowering Established
Lasiommata megera Wall 2 10-May-04 Adult Not recorded
Arabis hirsuta Hairy Rock-cress 100 16-May-04 Flowering Established
Lepidium campestre Field Pepperwort 20 16-May-04 Flowering Established
Echium vulgare Viper's-bugloss 100 06-Jun-04 Flowering Established
Ophrys apifera Bee Orchid 2 06-Jun-04 Flowering Established
Anacamptis pyramidalis Pyramidal Orchid 2 06-Jun-04 Flowering Established
Callophrys rubi Green Hairstreak 2 16-May-04 Adult Not recorded
Cupido minimus Small Blue 4 16-May-04 Adult Not recorded
Lotus subbiflorus Hairy Bird's-foot-trefoil 500 16-May-04 Flowering Established
Hippocrepis comosa Horseshoe Vetch 100 16-May-04 Flowering Established
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata 22-spot Ladybird 1 01-Sep-04 Adult Not recorded Photo available
Pulicaria dysenterica Common Fleabane 1000 01-Sep-04 Flowering Established
Fraxinus ornus Manna Ash 2 01-Sep-04 Vegetative Established and felled!
Sorbus aria agg. Whitebeam 12 01-Sep-04 Vegetative Established
Clinopodium vulgare Wild Basil 100 01-Sep-04 Flowering Established
Arenaria serpyllifolia Thyme-leaved Sandwort -4 11-Jun-08 Flowering Established
Sylvia curruca Lesser Whitethroat 1 23-Apr-10 Adult Not recorded
Arenaria serpyllifolia Thyme-leaved Sandwort -4 01-Sep-10 Flowering Not recorded
Thesium humifusum Bastard-toadflax -4 30-Jun-11 Flowering Established
  Autumn Ladies Tresses 1 17-08-2016 flowering        
  Stonechat male 22 nov 2018          





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