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Garden BirdWatch monitors the changing fortunes of birds and other garden wildlife through its network of 'citizen scientists'. Observations collected by BTO Garden Bird Watchers are analysed by BTO researchers and published in leading journals. BTO Garden Bird Watchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow, the rise of the Woodpigeon, have discovered that urban birds get up later than their rural counterparts and have alerted conservationists to the impact of an emerging disease in Greenfinches. Find out more about Garden BirdWatch

If you join you will be asked to register your garden which involves setting up a record of the size and contents of your garden.  Then every week you record for the various species using your garden the maximum number you have seen.  You can submit this data easily on line week by week or quarterly using paper forms.  You can also record what food you have put out, what butterflies, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians you have seen.  Click here to join.

I am a Garden BirdWatch ambassador for Hampshire and West Sussex and as such seek to promote the scheme wherever I can.  If you can introduce me to a club or society that would appreciate a talk or a BTO presence at a fete or similar event click here.

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