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Brent Lodge Animal Hospital

Brent Lodge treats around 3,000 wild birds and animals every year.

Every patient coming in is assessed by an expert carer and treated for whatever may be wrong in a fully equipped modem surgery and then placed in the quiet of a hospital cage with food and water to recover. Whilst they are watched throughout the day there are regular daily assessments of the patients progress, involving monitoring its feeding, weight gain or loss, appearance and the healing of wounds etc. Following this, further treatment may have to be given on a daily basis until they are ready for release. 

While most of our patients are birds, Brent Lodge treats around 500 mammals every year. The majority of these are Hedgehogs.  Currently they are very busy looking after hedgehogs that have failed to hibernate - mainly young ones that have not gained weight enough to hibernate and survive.  To help them cope they appealed for people to take on the care of hedgehogs at home in areas where eventual release was likely to be satisfactory - we have had one and hope to next winter as well.

A hedge hog in a pen  A hedgehog from the Lodge in our garden for release on 14 April 2003.


For more information see the web site.  Phone on 01243 641672 for advice on sick birds or animals.



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